Asen Supports Sustainable Production

Our operations support and promote sustainable development, thus making a significant contribution to environmental protection and resource conservation. Driven by our values of openness, innovation, performance and continuity, Asen is committed to sustainable business operations. Our employees also support our core values and are key to their implementation.
Where are we? Vision of 2030
Scope 1 + 2 0.32 tCO2/ton Scope 1 + 2 < 0,32 tC02 / ton
40% of energy consumption is provided by solar More than 70% of energy consumption will be covered by solar
Reduced 40% of water consumption More than 60% of water consumption will be reduced
ISO 5001
ASI Certificate (Target date-2024)
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Solar Power Plant

Our renewable energy project, which aims to reduce the carbon footprint and contribute to energy efficient production, was started to be assembled and commissioned as of May 2023.

With 3,698 solar panels installed, the power plant will have an annual production capacity of 1.7 megawatts and meet approximately 40% of the facility's needs.

Recycling Rainwater

Annual process water consumption was reduced by 50% thanks to a system that collects and filters rainwater on the factory roof.

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ISO 14064-1 Standard

The process of obtaining ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Verification standard has started (Target: August 2023)