Qality Control

Quality Control Tests

Optical Spectrometric Analyzer

The alloying elements and percentages contained in the material are determined.

Profile Projection Device

During mass production, all dimensions and tolerances of the part are automatically compared with the technical drawing data by scanning.

Compression-Tensile Test Equipment

The tensile and compression tester analyzes the compressive load to which materials are subjected under working conditions as well as tensile testing

Macro and Micro Hardness Measurement Instruments

Determination of the strength of materials at macro and micro level after production and after heat treatment

Surface Roughness Measurement Instrument

Material surface quality is determined after production

3D Measurement Device

With a 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM), the part is scanned and the dimensional differences between the nominal data are examined.

Tests for Powder Coated Products

Acidic etching, weight loss, titanium layer determination, cross cut, impact test, twist test, gloss, color and paint thickness are measured.

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