Automotive Industry

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Applications for the Automotive Industry

As the automotive industry faces the challenge of reducing ever increasing energy consumption, the use of aluminium has become an important factor in this sector. The light weight of aluminium significantly reduces fuel consumption, thus lowering emissions.

In terms of safety, aluminium has also been critical because it has the ability to reduce inertia and absorb energy during impact.

These qualities, as well as resistance and aesthetic quality, make Asen Aluminium an excellent choice in vehicle manufacturing. With our customized aluminium solutions, we focus on meeting the sustainability, performance and safety needs of the automotive industry.

Our products are designed and manufactured to meet the industry's most stringent standards. Asen Alüminyum offers a wide range of products to meet the diverse requirements of the automotive industry and continue to consistently deliver innovative and high quality solutions.

Interior Parts

Asen Alüminyum offers a range of customized interior solutions for the automotive industry, such as air ducts, lighting, trunk, door and window frames. These solutions are used to enhance the quality and functionality of the vehicle interior.

  • Air Duct
  • Lighting
  • Luggage Door and Window Frame
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Exterior Parts

Asen Aluminium manufactures a variety of automotive exterior components including V362-V363 Active and Trail Running Board, Port Luggage, and Trailer Applications.

  • V362-V363 Active and Trail Running Board
  • Port Luggage
  • Trailer Applications

Crash Management Systems

Asen Alüminyum offers various crash management systems such as bumpers and crash-boxes for the automotive industry. These systems are developed to reduce the impact of accidents and increase the safety of drivers and passengers.

With 6082, 6005, 6060 alloys, we produce C20/24/28 class profiles that meet all the requirements of TL-116-EN with high class strength values expected by German vehicle manufacturers.

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Anti Vibration

Asen Aluminium offers a range of profile solutions that help reduce vibrations. These profiles are used to improve ride comfort and reduce noise inside the vehicle.

Battery Tray and
Modular Chassis Systems

High-quality solutions for the battery carrier systems of electric vehicles (EV). These components ensure safe and efficient battery operation.

Using 6005, 6005A, 6082, 6063 and special alloys, we can produce complex profiles in different wall thicknesses with tight linearity tolerances.

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