Packing and Shipment

Asen Aluminium offers customized packaging and shipping services to provide customers with a full service experience.

Packaging Service

In order to protect the quality of the products and ensure that they are not damaged during shipment, Asen Aluminium offers a customized packaging service according to the specific needs of the customer. Each product is packaged in a way that ensures optimum protection. The packaging materials used are selected according to the characteristics of each product and the needs of the customer. This ensures that the products reach the customer in the best possible condition.

Shipment Service

Asen Alüminyum offers a fast and efficient shipment service to guarantee on-time delivery. This is scheduled and implemented according to the date set by the customer. Since Asen Alüminyum has extensive experience in domestic and international shipping, it can respond to any logistical need. Throughout the shipment process, it uses a tracking system to keep track of the status and location of the products. This allows the customer to be informed at every stage of the shipment.