Mechanical Process Application Details

In our facility, Cutting, Drilling, Turning, CNC machining, Bending, Press drilling, Welding, Deburring, Assembly processes are carried out in accordance with the needs of our customers.

CNC machining involves using machines suitable for aluminium and removing excess material by cutting and grinding to give the final and desired shape. 

Asen Alüminyum has 7 multi-axis 3D mechanical machining stations that allow machining with an accuracy of ±0.05 mm and the maximum profile length is up to 7.7 meters. 

These stations offer different types of machining: drilling, milling, deburring, precision cutting, drilling, tapping, etc. These operations allow us to offer high flexibility in the case of mechanical machining of all types of profiles, while guaranteeing maximum production precision.

We also have a range of high precision saws with a cutting tolerance of ±0.5 mm and a slope tolerance of 1º.

asen mekanik islem ornekleri 1 Mekanik İşlem

CNC Machine Park

Quantity Model Specifications
3 Elumatec SBZ 150 5-axis machining
Max. length 7.5 m
Ø420 mm saw cut
Angle cut
1 Emmegi Phantomatic X6 Machining 4-axis machining
Max. length 7.7 m
Ø180 mm saw cut
2 Elumatec SBZ 122 3-axis machining
Max. Length 3.5 m
1 Brother S700X1 Vertical processing

Other Machines

Quantity Model Specifications
2 Elumatec DG244 Double Head Saw Ø550 mm saw diameter
Angle cut
1 Emmegi Classic Magic 450 Double Head Saw Ø450 mm saw diameter
Angle cut
1 Emmegi precision TS2 Double Head Saw Ø550 mm saw diameter
Angle cut
1 JIH-18DB Slicing Ø450 mm saw diameter
1 JIH-NC24-L Slitting Ø610 mm saw diameter
3 Eccentric Press 35 tons