Aluminium Extrusion

Production Line

Our main production process takes shape on our two modern and fully automated extrusion lines. We produce your aluminium profile with the highest quality and precision.

Our production capacity is 23.000 tons per year. With 1800T and 4000T Press, we can produce extruded aluminium profiles for different areas of use. With more than 3,000 fixed rotations of more than 3,000 molds, we have the ability to produce profiles ranging from 150 g to 21 kg/m.

Profile Weight 0.15 - 21 kg/m
Maximum Profile Width 390mm
Max. Square Profile 185mm x 185mm
Max. Rectangular Profile 390mm x 60mm
Max. Pipe Profile 230mm
Max. Filled Profile 95mm
Max. Flat 350mm x 20mm
Max. Profile Length 14m
Alloy 6060,6063, 6463, 6005, 6005A, 6061, 6082, 7XXX, 2XXX, 1XXX
Surface Press, Anodizing, Powder Coating
Machining Mechanical Process Cutting, Drilling, Turning, CNC machining, Bending, Press Drilling, Welding, Deburring, Assembly
PRESSES SMS Press Danieli Press
asen aluminyum ekstruzyon sms pres Alüminyum Ekstrüzyon asen aluminyum ekstruzyon danieli pres Alüminyum Ekstrüzyon
  18 MN 40 MN
Supplier SMS Danieli
Manufacturing Year 2015 2021
Model Direct Direct
Sleeve 7” 8”/10”
Billet Length (mm) 350 - 1000 450 – 1600
Max. Billet Weight 67kg 215kg
Billet Heating Gas + Conical Heating Gas + Conical Heating
Profile Cooling Air Air, Water, Spray, Misty
Max. Extrusion Length 39m 52m
Minumum Stretching Length 8m 10m
Max. Thermal Profile 13m 14m

Shock Cooling System

One of the most important parameters for profiles used in the automotive industry (especially crash-box and front and rear bumper) is the cooling of the profiles during extrusion. Asen's new investment-Quench system can cool profiles with challenging shapes very quickly to achieve the desired mechanical properties.
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